Project Request

Relevance is central to the Ignite! program. Our students solve real problems, with real tools used by real professionals, being mentored by real employers, leading to real contributions in the professional arena. To support that learning model, we are always looking for challenging projects that will train our students in key skills for employability.

Do you have a project that has languished as the 10th item on your to-do list? If so, send it our way! Or are you an early-stage enterprise in need of support? Ignite! can provide your solution at no charge.

Let us know what needs you have and we will work to match you up with qualified students. Our students will be guided by instructors and mentors, but you will be the client. This is not an internship program requiring a large time commitment from the business partner. However, you will need to be available to meet with students periodically regarding progress and provide an after-action report .

You may fill out an online form or submit a document to (see below)

If your are interested in exploring further what Ignite! students can do for you, please contact Dr. Karen Hill to set up a meeting.

We look forward to working with you!
Dr. Karen Hill
636-332-3751 x22349

online google form: Wentzville Ignite Project Request Form 2017-18

word doc: Wentzville Ignite Project Request Form 2017-18

google doc: Wentzville Ignite Project Request Form 2017-18