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Startup / Business Solutions

Follow a passionate and personal pursuit from imagination to innovation. You can tap into your strengths, challenge the status quo and discover new ways of doing things, then step back and see what you can really do.

This course is about students creating real Startup ventures and/or solving real business needs.  They will be mentored by real employers and gain marketable professional skills in an off campus location. This course will provide students a challenging, innovative, authentic, experiential learning environment that allows them to discover personal passions.  Students will develop professional skills that are necessary to thrive in collaborative, innovative, and fast-paced environments.  Their growth mindset and confidence will increase.  Students engaging in Startup will learn LEAN startup principles and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.  They will turn their ideas into action by validating their ideas, perfecting a pitch, and seeking resources and opportunities for a product or service.  Student engaging in Business Solutions will work with organizations to work on projects that solve the organization’s real needs.

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